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Thinking about writing fiction again

As the subject line says, despite the fact that the prospects of me ever selling a novel to a Big Name Publisher are as near zero as makes no difference, I am beginning to think that writing fiction might have a place in my life after all. For one thing, I have gradually come to realise that the life of a modern professional author would not suit me at all. I used to love writing fiction and wasn't too bad at it, but I am sloooooow. If I had to do publicity and write guest blog posts etc. etc. I would never get anything else written. If I had constant deadlines to turn in revised drafts, deal with editor's comments, etc. etc., this would be my idea of hell. :(

So, with these thoughts in mind, for a while I let the fiction writing quietly wither. I also didn't have the brain capacity, what with all the study I was doing in order to complete the OU degree, get a basic qualification to teach English as a second language and run my Dad's house from 60 miles away. However, I am no longer caring for Dad, all the studying is done and I've taught the courses once so if I get to teach them again, it's just a case of refining and tweaking, not producing/finding all the materials from scratch. I know how the assessment systems work and have mastered the college admin procedures and even basic things like getting a username and pin numbers for the photocopiers took time and effort last year but are now just routine. :)

It is therefore on the cards that I will actually start writing again this summer. My plan is to treat it almost like fan fiction, except that they stories are all set in my own worlds and the characters are all my own. But the aim would be to write for myself, just to finish what I started. If I'm happy enough with the finished product, I may investigate some form of limited epub editions or even use Lulu, just so friends can read if they're interested and I can hold something tangible with a story inside and my name on the cover.

I mean, I used to enjoy writing and do it just for fun. Why did I let it get so serious that it turned into work?

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