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Graveyard above Pwllheli

Apologies for the hiaitus in postings. I have actually been more than usually productive, which I'll be talking about in due course, but it's all mundane work and house stuff, so not very interesting to write about. However, last week I did get a little excursion to Pwllheli which is an hour's drive north of here. G had to do a session with the PGCE group at the college's Pwllheli campus and he'd been really stressed by end of term stuff and was looking tired, so I said I'd be his chauffeur.

At this time of year and on a fine day, spending a couple of hours going for a walk and then crocheting and reading in the car is no hardship. Normally I walk down into the town to the sea front, but as I was turning out of the college gates, about go down the hill, I thought, "But what is up the lane leading in the other direction?" I had never explored that way, so I did what ended up out to be a short circular walk with a little detour that took me to the town's cemetery. And to my surprise I didn't get lost!

Graveyard above Pwllheli
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