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No rhyme for orange?

The serendipitous arrival of my parcel of Urgent Educational Material from the OU (the short poetry course I've signed up for) and the mention on the comedy quiz QI last night of there being not one but two rhymes for orange, led to me producing the following limerick.


Though impeccably tailored by Gorringe,
All her clothes were a shade of bright orange,
You could see her for miles,
Jumping ditches and stiles,
As she galloped all over the Blorenge.


I've known about the Blorenge (pronounced to rhyme with orange, obviously) for many years and in fact we used to live between Abergavenny and Brecon. The other interesting fact about the mountain is that Colonel Llewellyn's famous showjumper of the 1950s, Foxhunter, is buried there. But it took another rhyme before I could do anything useful with it.

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