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I am soooooo tired

Right now my mood is oscillating between, "Oh, God. Why did I decide to go to a con this weekend? I just want to crash and sleep and do mindless stuff like watch videos."


"Oooo! Oooo! I'm off somewhere new. Meet new people. Have a weekend talking about SF and writing. And I don't have to cook!"

I will report back (hopefully more coherently) next week. I fly to Dublin tomorrow, will be at Octocon all weekend and then will fly back Monday morning.

The extreme tiredness has been caused by my new intensive timetable, with 4 days teaching squashed into 3 days by doing three evening classes combined with spending the last few weekends frantically marking the last assignments for the two OU courses I tutor. I just have one forlorn story to finish marking and return to the electronic system, and then it's all finished. Whoopee! At least until it all starts again in November...

But this time I only have the fiction writing course to cope with and I do enjoy that. Marking stories is much more fun than marking essays. None of the technology or computing essays have made me laugh or cry.

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