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Oh I do like to be beside the seaside!

I mentioned the shopping trip to Llandudno a few days ago but hadn't got around to processing the photos. As it's grey, overcast and drizzly today, it was nice to look at the brilliant sun and blue skies of such a short time ago. Here is the view from where I sat to eat my lunch.

Llandudno beach

Whenever I go to Llandudno for shopping, it is traditional to buy M&S sandwiches and eat them sitting on the promenade, fending off seagulls. You did, literally, used to have to fend them off. Before now I've sat with my back to the wall of the shelter and swatted at them with a handbag, but since the council brought in draconian anti-seagull feeding bylaws, you hardly get troubled at all. One or two did creep up to stare at me, but getting up and walking towards them in a menacing fashion made them go away.

It's always nice to see that Llandudno is still popular with visitors. So many of the North Wales resorts have sadly declined. Admittedly, the majority of the holidaymakers looked to be over 60, but once the schools break up, there will be families too.

Resting in the shade

After finishing my lunch, I walked up past the pier before heading to the shops to buy what I'd actually come for.

Llandudno pier
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