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I'm back and making progress

I am slowly surfacing from having far too much to do for far too long. I also have lots to write up about last weekend's trip to Ireland for Octocon, the Irish National SF convention. But that will have to wait until tomorrow. For today, I have a bit of writing progress to report.

Words today: a perfectly respectable 450
Words in Chapter 10: 1905
Words total: 46,842
Reason for stopping: End of scene and time to venture out to buy some food and wine for dinner.
Other: I have just put a trend line on the weekly progress graph and... Far from showing that I'm way off target, if I can only keep writing at the rate I've managed so far, I will finish this first draft by the end of next March!

Ceri, meanwhile, was continuing the offensive against all the junk that lurked in every corner of the hostel. But even her resolution quailed before the huge, sticky, seeping mess in the middle of the pantry.

"Why does it smell of mint?" she asked, poking it cautiously. The cardboard boxes that had contained the substance were soaked through with a colourless fluid and had sagged into an untidy mound. "And why is there so much of it?"

'Stin dipped a finger into the stickiness and, before Ceri could stop him, put it in his mouth.

"No!" she cried. "We don't know what it is; it might be harmful!"

A strange, intent expression settled on 'Stin's face as he sucked his finger.

"Well?" Ceri said after a moment.

"Definitely Khandall Mint Cake," 'Stin announced.

"Are you sure?"'Stin nodded and scooped up another sticky morsel.

"Ew! No! Heaven knows how long it's been here. It can't still be fit to eat."

"Mmm-mmm-mmm," 'Stin said. Then, more coherently, "Nothing harmful could possibly survive in Khandall Mint Cake."

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