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Tired now...

Right, it's time to go and relax in front of the TV with G. I ended up with nearly 3lbs of blackberries. I haven't actually made the jam yet, but I have cooked 2lbs of the berries to stop them turning mushy overnight and I will make jam in the morning. The remainder were turned into blackberry and apple crumble which we had for dessert and there was enough left to have it again tomorrow. Yum!

I might have got the jam made this evening, but my usual supermarket (the Co-op) was out of sugar! Totally! I can only assume that lots of other people had the same idea as me and had spent the weekend blackberrying and jam making. Also the Co-op had no cooking apples, so I had to drive to the other supermarket (EuroSpar) where fortunately I found both.

In other news, though I'm not actually writing fiction again, I am seriously thinking about it and I am opening the story files and gently poking at them. I am even altering a word here or there. I don't remember why, but from the weird errors that are completely the wrong word rather than simply typos, I seems that I was using Dragon Naturally Speaking to type the first draft, presumably from a hand written draft because I've never been able to dictate straight into the computer. Anyway, I'm starting to re-load the story into my memory and we'll see where that leads.
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