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Went for a run, zombies didn't get me!

Well... It was a walk really -- though I did jog a bit every so often -- and I didn't have the zombie chase switched on, but I've just been for my first expedition using the Zombies, run! app. I can report that it worked surprisingly well. :)

I've been looking for sources of motivation recently. I'm very taken with HabitRPG which has drastically improved the tidiness and cleanliness of the house in the 5 months I've been using it. (I really must do a proper post about how earning imaginary gold and xp points encourages me to do useful stuff, but I don't have time today.) With regard to exercise, I have been very slothful since college finished last June. Walking to the college and back, plus pacing around classrooms and walking Brith each Friday was just about enough, but I spent a lot of the summer sitting at the computer proof reading and testing G's latest programming book that we intend to use with the students this year.

I'd vaguely heard about Zombies, run! and as I finally have a smartphone capable of running apps, I went along to the panel item at Worldcon given by the app's creators and story writers. After being assured that it was perfectly possible to walk while using it and after reading a few reviews online, I bought and downloaded it. It's taken a few weeks to get around to trying it out, but today I had no excuses. I'd done enough work to justify taking a break and after a few horrible wet and windy days, the weather was sunny. And, as I said, it's fun.

Good points:

  • It keeps track of where you went, for how long and how fast. That's all I want from a fitness app. If you want more detailed statistics, this is not the app for you.

  • It kept me amused and stopped me sliding into reflection and rumination. The problem with walking around here is that so many memories are attached to places that it sets my mind off down paths where it's best not to go. Even happy memories are coloured by the fact that the kids are grown up and I hardly ever see them and... (Cue violins and sad music.) I don't have a play list on the phone, so I didn't have music as I walked, but every so often a voice would tell me that I'd collected something useful. Also you get told a story. In the first episode you are Runner 5 who survives a helicopter crash in zombie infested territory and the voice over the radio guides you back to safely. Each time you go out, you can listen to another episode. There are 23 in Season 1 and there are now 3 seasons.

I'll definitely keep using this. Next time I might even venture to switch on the zombie chases!

Cadair Idris from the road to Llanelltyd
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