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Walking to Mordor -- Isengard to Minas Tirith

Miles travelled since last update: 6 (3 around Caernarfon, 3 locally)
Miles travelled so far: 192 (1856 from Bag End)
Miles still to go: 386

Percentage complete: 33%

Point reached on journey: Merry and the Rohirrim have reached a place where the stream begins to cut a ravine on the left. In places the path climbs away along the valleyside.

Where I really went...

Apart from a few odd miles here and there walking into town and walking Brith, the main mileage has been two walks. One I've already posted about but the other was last Friday around Caernarfon. And I have pictures!

G had to go and meet a potential student for the part-time BA Education course that runs in our local college so as it was supposed to turn out to be a decent day I went along too. While G went off for his meeting, I had an hour to spend in Caernarfon. An hour is too little time to visit the castle and anyway I've seen it plenty of times already, so instead I crossed the river via the footbridge and went to explore what was on the other side. Here's the view from half way across the bridge.

Castle tower and ice cream van
Ancient and modern. I don't know what the people who built and first inhabited Caernarfon Castle would think of all the tourists who flock here each summer.

Castle tower and ice cream van

And looking the other way from the same spot we can see the Anglesey Pub and town walls. Celtic music was emanating from the pub and it seemed very popular.

Caernarfon, the Anglesey Pub and town walls

If I had to nominate a town for the Most Welsh Town in Wales award, I think I would choose Caernarfon. Not only do you hear people speaking it in the street and see Welsh in most of the shop names, but the teenage youths hanging out in the skateboard park that I found were also speaking Welsh to one another.

Back down on the narrow coast road, I walked on in beautiful sunshine.

Spot the castle! Looking back you can just see the towers of Caernarfon Castle peeping above the hills -- which of course meant that when it was in use, sentries on the towers could see right out across the Menai Straits.

Spot the castle!

The Menai Straits are quite narrow and further north at Bangor you will find the famous Thomas Telford suspension bridge. The low-lying land beyond the stretch of water is Ynys Môn aka Anglesey in English.

Menai Straits from near Caernarfon
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