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First proper day of teaching

The college sort of got going last week, but this week is the first proper week of the new term, which meant I was not only teaching but learning. This morning was the first session of the Advanced Welsh course I've signed up for and this afternoon I taught the computing degree students.

So now I am tired and I am hungry and I have no idea what to cook for dinner! I need to go shopping for more food, but my mind is a blank. I'm just hoping that I'll see something I fancy when I get to the supermarket. But the first day of teaching has gone well and the students are great.

In other news, I thought I'd mention that my strategy of getting back into writing by setting myself the daily task of just opening a chapter file, looking at it and then closing it again has worked. I read my way through the second half of the book and now my daily task is to summarise 1 scene per day in order to create an outline which I can then use to sort the current mess into something resembling a coherent first draft.
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