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A very successful foraging trip

Teaching and lesson prep have eaten most of the day again, but I did dash into town and miracle of miracles, there was a parking space in the square! A space is usually vacant for about 5 seconds before the next car that comes round the corner parks in it, so finding one empty is like winning the lottery. Anyway, that meant that I could buy a few things without having to walk through from the supermarket car park and because I bought light bulbs in the ironmongers rather than the supermarket, I found that they had the real old fashioned ones that are not low energy but therefore actually give off a decent light. I must buy more at the weekend! I must replace all the bulbs in the house! Having better light can only help fight off the SAD that I suffer from in the winter. Apparently, someone has discovered a loophole to get around the law that bans them. Hurrah for loopholes!

I also managed to find two nice soft knitted dresses, both the same style but one in grey and the other in fawn. They will be just the thing for work. I'm not sure yet whether I'll wear them like a long tunic over trousers or just as a dress, but they're just what I've been wanting and I always try to buy from local shops if I can.

And now I have tomorrow's lessons to finish preparing...

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