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Walking to Mordor -- Isengard to Minas Tirith

Miles travelled since last update: 20½ (3½ of the miles were yesterday)
Miles travelled so far: 247½ (1911½ from Bag End)
Miles still to go: 330½

Percentage complete: 43%

Point reached on journey: We are leaving the hills behind as the road continues through willows. We have almost reached the point where the Snowbourne meets the Entwash.

Where I really went...

Now I'm teaching even more hours than last year, I don't have so much time for dedicated exercise sessions so the 3½ miles yesterday were just walking up to collect Brith, taking him for a little walk and then walking back home again.

I have discovered that Zombies, run! doesn't like being paused for an hour during a mission while I have a cup of tea and a biscuit and help M & B finish their crossword. Which is only fair, to be honest, as it's not something you're likely to do were you really out running in zombie infested country. :) However, the map keeps the true distance and as I'm walking briskly while I am actually walking, I'm happy that I'm doing enough exercise, even if it's split into two chunks. I am hoping to get another walk in tomorrow as the forecast looks good. We've had some spectacular thunderstorms this week so I was lucky that it remained dry yesterday for Brith's walk.

This is Brith's house...

Brith's house

...and here is the view from Brith's house.

View from Brith's house

You can see how grey the sky is in places, but the sun does keep bursting through and that sort of light is great for photography.
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