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Writing progress

Words today: 705
Words in Chapter 10: 2537
Words total: 47,474
Reason for stopping: Time to make dinner.
Other: The pie chart is showing that I'm almost half way there. Can I pass the half way mark this month?

Today's words seemed rather dull, but I think/hope that's just I hate first draft speaking. They can be polished or cut at the revision stage. I. Just. Need. To. Write. Words. That's the most important thing right now. Words, lots of words.Current story worries: I'm still not sure what the next Big Dramatic Scene is going to be, but I need one for chapter 12. Unfortunately, though the novel has a pretty linear plot, there's a lot of middle that on the original outline was just The various fund raising schemes slowly draw in the funds. And I've now reached that point and I have to a) make it amusing and b) work out how I'm going to tell it. It looks like Wil is going to have to travel away from the hostel, because though it's omni, Wil and Ceri are the main two POVs and I can't bring in someone else at this stage.

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