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Where is the time going?

Today has flown by and I've had virtually no online time to catch up with LJ and the other sites I read. I have skimmed my friendslist, but sadly I have no time to comment on posts. Ditto no time to reply to comments on my recent posts, but I will catch up towards the end of the week, I promise.

I was teaching today and then after that there was a staff meeting and then I drove straight to the supermarket to buy food. I was really hungry when I got there (it was a "strict" day on my diet), but I was (mostly) good and the only "naughty" foods I bought were bars of dark chocolate, which we eat very slowly, one square a day. And we had almost run out. :)

I've just been doing more lesson prep and so I'm more or less organised for tomorrow, which is my longest day of teaching, but then it's downhill to the end of the week. I can only cope with four days teaching nowadays, so Friday is the start of my long weekend. And then I take a deep breath and start all over again preparing for the next week...

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