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Crochet poncho WIP


As part of my de-cluttering, stash-busting efforts, I decided to make myself a poncho out of the huge balls of aran wool/acrylic yarn that I bought a couple of years ago.

When I bought it, intending to make a sweater or cardigan, I hadn't realised that crochet comes out much thicker than knitting. To get the same thickness of fabric, you need a finer yarn. I don't wear very chunky sweaters, so the yarn languished while I puzzled out what to do with it.

Eventually, I realised that a simple poncho was the answer. It gets chilly in the winter sitting at my computer desk by the window, so something I can pop on while working would be very useful.

Crochet poncho WIP

It will be made out of two equal-sized rectangles and, as I don't want a fancy pattern, I'm just adding a bit of texture with different variations on half-treble (UK).

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