Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

An antidote to some of the depressing things on the internet

The internet is full of things, some of them depressing or upsetting, but there are some little gems to be found. Someone on Google+ posted the link to this charming little animation based on a medieval manuscript about the life of the hedgehog.

It's in Latin, but there are subtitles.

Click here to see the explanation and the video.

Aren't the baby hedgehogs just adorable? :)

In other news, I have admitted defeat and set up a new Facebook account. So if you get a friend request from a Helen Hall using a profile photo as per this LJ icon, it is indeed me. I still don't like Facebook much and I'm not going to stop posting here, but I have been forced to admit that Facebook is where a lot of my online friends have gone and if I don't want to lose touch, I'll have to follow.

Also, I have a gmail account which I've had for many years. It's basically my name at gmail but quite a few other Helens think it's theirs! As well as all the misdirected email I receive, I've also had a couple of people attempt to set up Facebook accounts using my gmail address. I decided that the best way to stop it being hijacked was to use it for my own Facebook account.
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