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Tantalised by rainbows

I felt pretty down yesterday evening because my Habit avatar had just spent two entire days in the Habit Inn[*] while I wandered around the Dark Playground reading pointless stuff on the internet. Even down to reading the comments below articles, and we all know that that's something you should never do! :(

Over on HabitRPG where we gamify our tasks in an effort to get more useful things done, we talk about fighting off the Demon Dunwanna. Well, this wasn't so much being visited by the Demon Dunwanna as having my entire will taken over by Vampire Sloths who sucked all desire to move from in front of the computer from my brain. However, despite feeling miserable, I went to bed last night determined that even if it meant my avatar dying, I would not check into the Inn today. Thankfully, this morning, it looks as though I had just underestimated the draining effect of the horrible cold I succumbed to at the end of last week. I haven't actually undone all the good work I've achieved since starting on Habit and permanently slipped back into my old lethargic and mildly depressed ways because today I do feel like doing useful stuff again. I may not be fully up to speed yet, but I'm hoping to get some things done at least.

My improved spirits may also be due to the fact that the incessant grey cloud and drizzle lifted this morning and today the sun occasionally broke through to create a rainbow over the trees. I kept grabbing for my camera, but they appear and fade very quickly. This was the best I could capture.

A rainbow from my window

It is somewhat disconcerting to realise how much my mood depends on climatic changes. One likes to think of oneself as a wholly rational being, in charge of one's life -- at least to some extent -- but the reality is that if the pressure is high and there's a bit of sun, getting things done is easy. If the weather is gloomy, it's a real struggle.

And it's not that if I've had a dose of sunshine, I feel more cheerful, which would be logical. I can wake up feeling more energetic, ready to tackle anything on the To-Do list and only gradually realise that the weather has improved. I feel better before I've been able to absorb any extra light that's available. It's very strange...

[*] Which is like hitting Pause on a game.
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