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This is a public service announcement

On going to LJ today, I found a spammy bar thing at the bottom of the screen telling me that Stan Lee (whoever he is) was now on LJ.

Well, good for him, but I don't actually care and the bloody bar would not go away. In frustration, I actually followed the link and discovered that the majority of people commenting there were complaining about the advert, so I hope he gets the message. I added a comment too, so I hope that both the people who are using this as a way of "driving" users to their page and LJ get the message that this kind of thing is Not Welcome.

Thankfully, asakiyume had contacted LJ about this problem and was told to go here into settings and switch off the strip by unchecking the box next to "Bottom information strip" and saving the changes on the page.

I can confirm that this does work. :)

ETA: I think this may have caused such an outcry that LJ seem to have now removed the bar altogether. I can no longer see it in my settings. So if you missed it, consider yourself lucky, but at least it shows that LJ do listen sometimes.

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