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Pondering productivity

I have finished teaching for the week and due to a chance comment in the Habitrpg Tavern, I found Mark Forster's website. I bought his Do It Tomorrow book a few years ago and found it very helpful. He has more productivity ideas available now and after reading some of his articles online, I had a long hard look at how my Habit setup was working. As a result, I'm trying out Forster's autofocus method on my To-Dos.

My first step was actually to thoroughly weed the list and put some tasks back into ToDoList rather than Habit. I'm also setting up a couple more Dailies so that I'll actually commit to doing extra exercise and improving my Welsh, rather than having them as a sort of aspirational, some day/maybe wish-list cluttering up the To-Dos.

Next step is to actually do some of the To-Dos instead of letting them sit there turning red. (Which is what To-Dos do on Habitrpg if you don't do them, but it's not all bad because when you actually do get around to doing them, you get more xp! Hence it encourages you to finally bite the bullet and Get Stuff Done.)

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