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Cold misty mornings


Today is cold and dreary. The sky is overcast and there have been heavy showers of rain. The bright sunshine symbol on the BBC's weather forecast for today must have been a cruel hoax!

Looking from my window I see that the birds are paying more attention to our neighbours' bird table. A flash of colour caught my eye a moment ago as a jay swooped in. The first jay grabbed some food and flew back to the shelter of the woodland that now crowds up to the bottom of our garden.

The jays only ever stage quick raids on the food and I always assumed they were very shy of people. They probably are, but this morning I noticed that the other reason they don't spend any time in the neighbours' garden is that it seems to be magpie territory. I don't often see magpies from my window either, but a pair had appeared and were definitely driving the jays back deeper into the woods.

And having said that the sunshiny symbol was a cruel hoax, the forecast may be right after all. Since starting to write this (and being interrupted several times to have work-related conversations with G) the sky has almost completely cleared.

We're getting a lot of mornings like that. These three photos are from Monday morning. At first I couldn't see beyond the garden, then gradually the trees and then the hills emerged from the mist.

Misty morning

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