Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

Christmas is coming

Whew! A job that used to take about 10 minutes just took at least an hour. :(

I have a MS Access database for my addresses and I've used it for years to print mailing labels for my Christmas cards. It was all set up so all I had to do was:

* open database
* check if anything needed updating/adjust as necessary
* open the report for the mailing labels
* insert sheet of labels into printer
* print labels.

But since then I have upgraded MS Office and bought a new printer and New Access didn't like the labels I set up using Old Access. I did have New Access last year, but I think I just cheated by using Old Access. However, this time I have sorted it out properly, recreated the report that prints the labels and next year it should be back to a 10 minute job.

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