Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

Grey, grey, everything is grey!

Greetings from a grey and drizzly Wales. I really need sunlight. I have a lightbox that I sit in front of every morning while I eat breakfast and that keeps me functioning, but I perk up remarkably if we get some cold crisp clear days. Ideally, I would migrate south for the winter. I've always said that I needed to find a job-share with an Australian vampire who would appreciate the short northern winter days, but I've never managed to arrange it. :)

Anyway, we're off to London for another mini-break on Saturday, so perhaps it will be a little drier and brighter there. Weather around this time of year in the UK is pretty hit and miss, but we have had some good winter breaks and even if it is gloomy, there's always the bustle of the people and the Christmas lights to perk me up. Then the plan is to more or less hibernate for the two weeks of the holiday. The only work I'll be doing is marking the computing degree assignments, then it's back on the treadmill again, but at least I'll be able to look forward to lengthening days and the prospect of spring.

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