Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

I'm back!

We are back from our trip to London. We did lots of walking and though the weather was overcast, it stayed dry. We returned home to a downpour, so I'm really hoping the weather will improve for Christmas.

I have already unpacked and washed the dirty clothes, which is a testament to how much more efficient I've become in household matters since starting to use HabitRPG. In the past, the suitcase would have sat around half-emptied for days.

Now I just have to dress the tiny tree that I've put up in the sitting room and then I'll make dinner, which will just be something out of the freezer. I'll catch up properly with you all tomorrow.

Meanwhile, here is the penultimate photo in the 52 week challenge, taken on our first evening in London as we walked to our favourite pizza restaurant at Gabriel's Wharf on the South Bank.


Taken from the south side of the river, not far from Tower Bridge. From left to right the tall buildings are: Walkie Talkie, Cheesegrater, Gherkin and, dwarfed by the modern buildings, the Tower of London on the far right of the picture.

London Skyline from the South Bank

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