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Visit to London -- Walking to the O2 arena

Normally we walk along the south bank of the Thames, following the Thames Path. This time, however, we set out to walk along the northern bank. Starting at Tower Bridge, we headed east towards Greenwich.

Here I pause for a moment to look back the way we've come. Note the Shard, which totally resembles the tower of some Evil Overlord. One expects a giant red eye (or similar portent of evil) to emanate from the pointy bit at the top. Actually, I believe there is a hotel and restaurant up on the higher levels, so not actually sinister.

Shard & Tower Bridge

It was interesting to see some new bits of London and also to look across the river at all the buildings we normally walk alongside/beneath. A little further along, here is the view looking across at Canary Wharf. The Thames meanders a lot so although it's not really clear from this photo, those tall buildings are actually on the same side of the river as us.

Canary Wharf

To make it easier to work out how far I walk when I'm not doing the old familiar local walks, I downloaded a useful app to my phone. This was the first day of using it and there was a bit of muddle as I'd leave it on when we were on a train and then not have it on when I started walking again, but it plots your route on a map and saves it for later reference. This is handy for people who like me who easily muddle up what we did on which day if I haven't made notes at the time.

London seemed much quieter this year than on previous pre-Christmas visits. I know that last year, due to the way the college holiday fell, we went away between Christmas and New Year, but we often come at this time of year and there were far fewer people using the Thames Path (on either bank). Perhaps everyone was seething up and down Oxford Street in search of last minute bargains? Whatever the reason, we met few people on our walk.

On reaching the Isle of Dogs, we crossed the river via the foot tunnel and emerged at Greenwich where we had a nice lunch at the Meantime Pub. The final part of the walk continued alongside the Thames, now on the southern bank, as far as the O2 arena where we got the Tube back to our hotel.

Canary Wharf

Not far from the O2 arena, there is one industrial site still operating. It seems to be a supplier/processor of sand which is brought in by dredgers that moor by the works.
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