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Write just for fun? Why not?

I've seen at least one mention of a JaNoWriMo challenge, which seems to be an unofficial version of NaNoWriMo. However, I will not even be thinking of trying it.

I decided a while ago that setting wordcount goals no longer worked for me. It used to work really well, but that was because I had the goal of wanting to finish a particular novel with the overall goal of wanting to become a published writer. But then that dream died, first because my stories just aren't what publishers want and secondly because the more I saw of what a present day writer's life is like, I realised that it was not what I wanted. The thought of having to finish drafts and turn round edits to a deadline horrifies me. I know (from my years as a creative writing tutor) that that I'm not good at that sort of thing and that it stresses me out terribly.

So I entered a slough of despond with regard to writing. I even considered not writing any fiction ever again, but I did used to enjoy it, so I've decided that I need to come at writing from an entirely different angle if I'm to tell stories again. I will therefore adopt a friend's idea of spending half an hour a few times a week doing something writing related. I've never previously been a fan of the Daily Pages or Writer's Notebook, but a bit of noodling around is probably what I want/need at the moment, with absolutely no pressure whatsoever. I will have to see if I can devise a HabitRPG Habit or Daily to include this in my routine activities.

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