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Things Habitrpg is helping with

I want to do a proper detailed post about how HabitRPG is helping me keep the house much tidier and cleaner than it's been for years, but I haven't quite got around to it. However, having used it now for over 9 months, Habit does seem to be a permanent fixture in my life. I had wondered whether it would keep me going through the winter, but it has definitely helped. It's also made the return to work after the two week Christmas slump much easier than it usually is.

One thing Habit is good for is removing the need to choose what housekeeping task to do next. Having set up my dailies, I can follow them on automatic pilot. I used to waste time wondering which task to do first and whether a task actually needed doing or not, which often just led to me thinking, "Nah... I don't feel like it." But as far as possible now I just mechanically follow my dailies. No thinking, just doing. In fact I just realised earlier today that the reason household tasks often didn't get done in the past was because I simply forgot about them until too late. It only takes a couple of minutes to scoop the clothes out of the basket, shove them in the machine and switch it on, but if I didn't remember until I leave the computer to make dinner, it's too late because we don't want the noisy spinning while we're trying to have a peaceful meal.

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