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In which I use the Orb of Rebirth and begin a new HabitRPG journey

Hello and good morning. Well, it's actually nearly lunchtime, but I had a relaxing start to the morning by knitting and watching a TV programme on the BBC website about a quest to find appaloosas in Kyrgystan.

All the users of HabitRPG have been battling a World Boss for the past week or so. I fully expected the Stressbeast to have been defeated by the time I logged in this morning, but he was still there. However, he was finally vanquished in the 20 minutes I was away from the computer making a cup of tea and sweeping the kitchen floor! Anyway, that means that today is a good day to use the Orb of Rebirth and release all my ordinary pets and mounts. I had been waiting for the Mountmaster and Triad Bingo awards, but I have those now. I also have enough quest pets to keep me company -- not to mention the new cute baby mammoth! I just need to go and re-read the wiki page to make sure it's not going to do anything unexpected, then I'll start a new Habit journey later today.

I thought I'd record how my avatar currently looks at Level 106. Well, this is actually just one of the many looks I can put together with all the equipment I have purchased with the gold I've earned by doing my real life tasks. Rebirthing means that I have to earn that gold and purchase that equipment all over again, but I find it strangely motivating and it is the best way I've found of giving me a sense of achievement for doing routine household tasks every day.

HabitRPG Level 106 mage
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