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HabitRPG progress report

Oh, pooh! I died for the first time since starting to play Habit. I didn't think my health was so low that I was in danger, but it's my own fault for not bothering to check after dinner that I really had ticked off everything that I'd done. I think there were two tasks that had scrolled off the bottom of the screen and got overlooked. I have now lost all my gold and the Crystal Helmet, which I'd only just re-bought after losing everything due to re-birth.

Well, it's a warning not to get complacent. I had been getting sloppy and leaving dailies undone and getting away with it for a while, but tasks do more damage the longer you leave them undone. I need to either buck my ideas up and make sure I do everything every day or have a consultation with Dr Meta* and remove a few things until the days start getting warmer and brighter and I have more energy. It is just so gloomy and cold at the moment. Roll on spring!

* Consulting Dr Meta is the term the Short-Term Accountability Guild members have coined for taking a long hard look at what you are trying to do, pondering seriously about one's current level of health (both mental and physical) and energy and adjusting the list of tasks accordingly.

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