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Where to post what

I'm wondering whether I ought to post on Facebook a bit more. I'm commenting over there, but haven't quite worked out what sort of thing would make a good post. I have LJ for my vague wibblings, and for my photo for the week, for writing about walking to Mordor and the occasional more in-depth post. I have my Blogger blog for crochet and knitting (which I link to G+), I have Flickr for photo discussion. So what I would actually want to say on Facebook?

Meanwhile, I continue to be mystified by Tumblr. I have set up an account to follow a couple of Tumblr accounts, but I have not used it much yet. If any of you have Tumblr blogs, please do add me over there and let me know your Tumblr name. I'm heleninwales over there too and using the crochet motif icon, as per this post.

In other news...

I have booked accommodation for the Easter weekend and bought a membership to Eastercon. I won't be staying in the convention hotel or even one of the overflows. I can't justify spending that much, even if there were any single rooms left, which I doubt. Instead I'll be staying some distance away and commuting, as I did back in 2012. It worked fine then so it should work this year too. I've decided to look on it more as a weekend in London with the chance to hang out with my friends at Eastercon. I do get peopled out more quickly these days, so I won't miss late night sessions in the bar. I hope to see at least some of you there.

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