Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

A heavenly blue sky

8/52 for the group 2015 Weekly Alphabet Challenge

This week's subject was: H is for Heavenly

Despite not having to work this week because it's half term, I still didn't have chance to go anywhere to seek out anything more inspired for the topic. I have therefore taken it literally and so I present a photo of the heavens looking remarkably heavenly for a February morning.

It was the first blue sky for some time, the sun is finally rising above the mountain so we're getting sun in our garden -- and there is actual warmth in the sunlight. Of course it clouded over soon after taking this shot and yesterday was very wet, but it is a hint that spring really isn't all that far off now.

A heavenly blue sky

Otherwise it's been a rather dull few days, both in terms of weather and what I've been up to. It's half term, so the college is closed, though I did pop over there yesterday morning to help a student with his project. Other than that, these were the only things of note to report:

1. When I entered the local Co-op at the beginning of the week, the kiosk where they sell cigarettes, spirits and lottery scratch cards was cordoned off with blue police tape. I boggled at it, but didn't ask what had happened because I reckoned that the cashiers were probably fed up of people asking and anyway, whatever it was would be reported in the local paper later in the week. I didn't think it could have been murder or assault because if that had been the case, the shop would have been humming with gossip. It turned out that a thief or thieves had broken in during the night and stolen some cigarettes.

2. When I started up the Daihatsu last Friday to drive into town for the big weekly shop, I discovered that the wiper blades had parted company from the wipers so that they flailed back and forth like little rubber whips instead of actually wiping the windscreen. I called into the garage but didn't leave the vehicle immediately because I also wanted them to investigate a worrying clonking sound that I'd noticed occasionally from somewhere behind and below the driver's seat. It only happened when cornering at low speed or driving over a speed bump. You never know with old vehicles whether something will turn out to be minor or major, but I knew that it needed looking at because as the weather improves, we'll be driving more and I didn't want to risk breaking down.

Fortunately, before I take a vehicle into the garage for any work, I have a good look round inside to make sure that there isn't anything that a) we'll need or b) that I don't want to lose. I trust the garage totally, but I grew up in an area where if it wasn't nailed down or too heavy to lift, it would be nicked and old habits die hard. Besides, though the garage owner and staff are trustworthy, vehicles may be left unlocked and unattended whilst being worked on, and I don't trust every single random passer-by. Anyway... I therefore looked over the back of the driver's seat and peered down into the footwell behind, and solved the clonking noise all by myself! It turned out that G had thrown the aerosol can of windscreen defroster into the back where it must have been rolling back and forth occasionally and banging against the seat support. *head desk* So, at least my paranoia about getting things nicked saved me from the embarrassment of having to go and collect the vehicle and being told what the cause of the clonking noise was.

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