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On being more organised

I'm currently experimenting with planning menus 1 week ahead. I've never done it before and always relied on wandering around the supermarket thinking, "Hmmm.... What shall we have for dinner?" Basically I have set up a spreadsheet with a column to record what I actually cook for dinner (to avoid repeating meals too quickly) and up at the top, I have my menu ideas for the week. I rarely do anything fancy, it's all pretty basic meals, but so far, doing the planning at the weekend when I'm not tired means I don't have to think about what to eat mid-week. I can follow the list instead of just grabbing whatever catches my eye.

For some years I have used a pre-prepared shopping list which really helps me be more efficient with shopping. I have a Word document saved which has a list of everything that I buy regularly. I stick it up inside one of the kitchen cupboards and whenever I notice that I need something, I just put a tick beside the relevant item. When I'm ready to do a big shop, I just grab the list and go. Much easier than sitting down just before I go to the supermarket and trying to remember everything that I'm about to run out of.

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