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Too much to do, not enough time

Initially my mind was going round in circles trying to cram too many incompatible things into the only weekday that I don't teach.

Here is the list of things I need to do:

* spend a quiet day relaxing to recover from busy and stressful week
* catch up on all day job paperwork relating to student assessment
* drive 1 hour to the nearest small town to bank Dad's refund cheque (his bank doesn't have a branch where I live)
* wait in for the delivery of printer cartridges I ordered online yesterday
* catch up on all the household tasks I missed yesterday
* get new batteries fitted into my two watches (I have been without a working watch for weeks and though there is a chap locally who will do it, I don't like him very much and he's very expensive)
* buy a couple of new sweaters and cardigans because I desperately need more reasonably smart clothes for work
* go out and get some exercise, most likely a walk.

As you can see, this list requires me to stay in for most of the day (doing tasks, relaxing and waiting for the delivery) whilst also spending 2 hours driving to Aberystwyth and back, plus another hour or so of shopping time. Even if I had the energy to do it, banks and shops don't stay open late enough!

Fortunately this impasse was resolved by discovering that the branch of Dad's bank in Aber is open on Saturday mornings. The list therefore splits neatly into two. Today I can alternate relaxing and doing paperwork whilst waiting for the delivery and then once it arrives (usually around lunchtime), I can go for a walk. Tomorrow (hopefully refreshed after a less stressful day at home) I can set off early to Aber, bank the cheque, go clothes shopping and pop into the jewellers to get batteries fitted in my watches. This sounds like a plan!

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