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Last week

Last week wasn't very exciting. Although it was half term, I didn't get any time off, though of course I wasn't teaching and thus didn't have to work evenings.

To be honest I think I'd rather be teaching than just attending meetings and catching up with paperwork, which is what I was doing. However, as a result of my labours, all my students now show as enrolled on our wonderful new online registration system and all the course fees have been safely deposited with our finance department.

The only tiny bit of excitement was having lunch out on Wednesday in Ruthin with my Dad, brother, sister-in-law, nephew and niece. The craft centre is only a shadow of its former self. When it was new, when my son and daughter were young, there were all sorts of craftspeople in the units and it was a busy place. I still have the small herd of handmade glass animals that my son collected during our years of visiting the place. But now, even during a half term, the units have a closed look.

My niece did find a ceramics workshop open and succumbed to a necklace. They had some pretty earrings too, along with some rather more dubious "fossil fairies" and "fossil angels". I commented to my brother that fossilised angels must be theologically unsound and my sister-in-law wasn't convinced by the fossil fairies either. I know that fairies are supposed to die if you stop believing in them, but we both thought that they just went *pop* and vanished when dead. We couldn't see how their little corpses could have ended up fossilised. Anyway, they weren't squashed and distorted enough to be at all convincing. Not like the "fossil dragon" I have on my wall. A very small dragon, admittedly, but otherwise it's very well done.

It does belatedly occur to me that fossilised angels could be evidence of the world's first ever industrial accident, which must, therefore, have occurred during the Creation. However, it's probably a bit late to report God to the HSE.

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