Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

Spring has finally sprung!

Aaargh! Facebook is such a huge time sink. I made the mistake of checking it this morning and there were lots of posts about the Eastercon and the Hugo sad puppies affair, with lots of links to follow. Suddenly a huge part of the day was gone. Ah, well, I'll write it off as "resting and recovering", which I did need to do.

However, I have done a load of washing, got it dried in the gorgeous spring sunshine and, since tearing myself away from the Internet, even ironed some of it. I also sorted out a shelf in our stationery cupboard and now the door closes properly without all the envelopes sliding out. I just have to walk into town and buy more food and wine and that will do for today. I must get properly up to speed tomorrow though or I won't catch up with the stuff I need to catch up with before I'm back in college next Monday.

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