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19/52 for the group 2015 Weekly Alphabet Challenge

This week's theme was: S is for Skyscape


The start of the week was very unpromising with a sheet of grey cloud blanketing the sky for several days. Today the weather changed for the better and as I walked back from town after voting, I snapped this lovely sky with my phone. Yes, I have been and went and voted! And for once, my vote might actually matter. I'm hoping that Plaid Cymru will hang on to the seat and, if there is a hung parliament, our MP might actually have some influence on who gets to form a government.

Below is a picture of our polling station at the Darllenfa Rhydd (Free Library). Actually, that's something of a misnomer because it's neither a library nor is it free. If you want to use a room for an event, you have to pay. In fact "Darllenfa" literally means "reading place", "llyfrgell" is library, so a better translation would probably be "Free Reading Room", but it's always been known as the Free Library.

Darllenfa Rhydd / Free Library

Every Thursday, the Free Library is the home of a small market for locally made and locally produced foods. However, just for today, the market had to move to a local hotel because of the general election.

In other news, the second year computing students did the presentations for their big projects this morning and despite all the glitches and hiccups in the weeks leading up to the event, all three did really well which was a huge relief.

And in other other news, I am rather miffed that when I went to the Royal Mail sorting office to collect the parcel that they couldn't deliver yesterday because I was at work, I found the office closed. I have now been online and asked for it to be redelivered, but it won't come tomorrow as the earliest date I could request was Saturday. Having said that, that will mean that I won't have to wait in for it tomorrow. It's been weeks since I walked up to see M & B. First it was waiting in for a different delivery, then it was the 'flu, then my Dad's funeral, then I worked an extra day (normally I have Fridays off), so finally I might get back into the usual Friday routine of a walk followed by having a chat and a cup of tea while I help them finish their crossword.

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