Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

Unexpected garden produce

G came in from work yesterday bearing a carrier bag full of green things. He explained that as he was leaving the college grounds to come home, a fellow lecturer had pounced on him and given him a bag of stuff that the special needs students had grown in the college gardens. The loot turned out to be a large bunch of rhubarb and half a dozen very oniony onions.

We had some of the rhubarb in a crumble last night and I am now planning meals that involved as many onions as possible to use them while they are so fresh and tasty. Freshly picked produce definitely tastes better than shop bought stuff, though normally I can't get it.

In other news, I had an exciting walk to work the other day...

We'd had a day of torrential downpour on the Monday, but as I set off on Tuesday morning I didn't think there would be a problem getting to work because the area of woodland we call The Swamp that lies between the bottom of our garden and the playing fields had not been inundated. If The Swamp is flooded, it's a sign that the river might have come up over the footpath and there's a danger that the underpass that takes the footpath under the main road might also be flooded, but with no flood visible from the house, I assumed all would be OK.

Except it most definitely wasn't. The underpass was totally flooded. This wasn't a case of needing wellingtons to paddle through, this would be wading chest deep! I suppose I could have hurried home and then driven round, but I needed to be in college before 9 am to help herd my GCSE English re-sit students into the exam room. Not only would it take time to walk home and drive in via town, but the college car park fills up quickly and if I'd had to park some distance away, I'd be late.

So... I climbed the crash barrier, toddled across the bypass and climbed the other barrier into the college garden. It wasn't too difficult, though it would have been a lot easier if I hadn't been carrying two heavy bags. "All I have to do now," I thought, "is to let myself out through the gate and then I'm there." Except that the gate out of the garden was padlocked. So I had to climb a fence and scramble down off a stone wall -- still struggling the bags -- before I could get to work. Fortunately, I managed to do all this without being observed by any students! Not a dignified way for lecturers to behave.

Coming home was slightly better. I had hoped that the underpass would have been drained by lunchtime, but it was still nearly as deep as ever, but at least the college garden was open, so I just had to sneak through, climb out over the crash barrier and hence home across the bypass. Fortunately, by the time I had to walk in again for a staff meeting at 4 pm, some council workmen had come and unclogged the drain so the underpass was usable once more.

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