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I'm still walking to Mordor

An old friend from university and her husband came to stay in the area this week, so yesterday I met them in Aberdyfi and after a cup of tea and a catch up chat, we went on an expotition up into the hills behind the town. Unfortunately, it turned out to be the one dismal day of the week. Fortunately, despite it being misty, it didn't actually rain so though my feet got a bit squishy due to walking through wet grass and the occasional boggy bit, the rest of me stayed dry. Also fortunately my friend's husband is a wizard at map reading and had a compass, otherwise we could easily have got lost and ended up walking in circles in the mist.

However, it was good to get out somewhere different and have some company on a walk. Sadly the views were obscured by mist, but it was still a pleasant day out.

Misty meadow

Part of the route was designated as the Coastal Path. I've never walked a coastal path that was so far inland before, but I suppose there weren't any paths nearer the sea because that's where the main road runs. As you can see, the view would have been spectacular if it had been properly visible.

Dovey estuary

After finishing the walk, we changed out of our wet boots and made our way to a very nice little cafe for a pot of tea and a bun. Then it was back to my friends' holiday cottage for a final chat and a sharing of photos of our respective offspring and then I drove home via the inland route over the Talyllyn Pass, which turned out to be just as misty as the coastal route.

Today, of course, is glorious. Never mind, they'll have good weather for whatever they have planned for today.

This walk formed part of my Eowyn challenge journey to Mordor. I am currently following Merry's journey with the Rohirrim.

Miles travelled since last update: 10 (5½ of them yesterday)
Miles travelled so far: 562 (2226 from Bag End)
Miles still to go: 16

Percentage complete: 97%

Point reached on journey:
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