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Writing progress -- yes, definitely!

Congratulations to me!
Congratulations to me!
Congratulations to me-ee!
(Because I've passed the half way point in the novel!)
Congratulations to me!

Words today: 1013
Words in Chapter 10: 5170
Words total: 50,107
Reason for stopping: End of scene and end of chapter.
Other: Wil and Ceri have just had an argument, things are getting messier and the novel's looking good.

Whilst there is absolutely no point in me signing up for NaNoWriMo because a) there's no way I can write that fast while working full-time and b) I'm half way through a novel right at this moment, I do plan to use the enthusiasm generated by everyone frantically writing in order to give this WIP a kick up the backside. My new target is to see if I can get this zeroth draft finished by Christmas. Then that gives me a few months to smooth it out and polish and hopefully have a fully completed draft in time for Eastercon.

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