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Venturing out of my lair

Over on HabitRPG I have acquired a guild. Part of the acquisition process was to give the guild a name and a purpose. Someone had already suggested "Get Outside", which I really liked as an idea and I suggested a slightly more gameified name "Venture outside your lair" and my challenge was better than hers and I'm a more experienced Habitican and have gems to offer as prizes, so I got the guild and she got a runner up prize.


Today I ventured out of my lair and into town by going the long way round. On the way I passed these daisies...


Cricket match

The batsmen have managed to grab a quick single.

...and finally I got a shot that would do for this week's theme for the Weekly Alphabet Challenge Flickr group.


This week's theme was: Intermission: ?@!"&:) (punctuation)

Yes, we're past the half way mark now in 2015 -- scary thought!

Toy Room sign

There wasn't as much punctuation about in town as I'd hoped. Of course the modern tendency is to use as little punctuation as possible. No longer do we put commas after Dear Sir or Madam at the start of letter or the Yours sincerely at the end. And in these days of supermarkets, the Grocer's Apostrophe is not seen as often, at least not round here. However, I did spot this sign which seems to be using apostrophes as emphasis, not realising that the more correct use is to indicate sarcasm! Though I suppose if I wanted to be charitable, I might assume it's a quote from an appreciative customer. Note also the bonus ampersand. :)

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