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I didn't get as much done today as I'd hoped -- so what's new? But I have made some progress with proofreading and testing the Java programming book G is writing to use with his students next year. I also made 2 pots of jam. There weren't as many jostaberries as last year (possibly I messed up the pruning?), but 2 pots is good because they make delicious jam. It tasted good -- I licked the spoons! -- and afterwards I ventured as far as the Co-op for a top up shop. It was sunny, so that was good.

I've now almost finished for the day, just doing a last check round to make sure I haven't missed doing anything vital, then I'll close down the computer for the night. Tomorrow there is a music festival in town so I plan to work hard in the morning then wander out after lunch to see what's happening in the town square.

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