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Urgh! The house is looking dustier and dustier because G and I have been working solidly each day on the corrections to his programming book. It needs to be ready to upload to Lulu at the weekend, so I'll just have to ignore the house and catch up later.

Habitica is still working to help me keep on top of everything. In fact I now have 3 accounts. When I created the third account, I did wonder if it was overkill, but I was just so frightened of losing vital Day Job tasks in amongst all my Household and Daily Life tasks that a second account was vital. Then I realised that the things I wanted to do, like writing and taking photographs and reading, were being swamped by all the Must Do tasks, hence feeling the need for the third account.

I/We are all in a party together and it does make some things easier. For example I spent so much time on G's book today that I had to check into the inn with my main account, but the work account will actually hit the quest boss quite hard, so I will make some progress on my quest. Also, thanks to Habitica, I am keeping up with the most important tasks like the laundry, changing the bed sheets, washing dishes and swishing and swiping the bathroom (A FlyLady thing where you just clean a bit of the bathroom every day). I just hope it won't take too much work to catch up on the rest of the cleaning once the book is finished.

The book is for G's students and the college and it called Java Programming with NetBeans for A-level Computer Science. It contains lots of worked examples of programs explaining the main techniques the students will require.

If there was already a published book that was suitable for the A-Level course, G would probably buy it. But either there isn't one or the ones that exist don't teach the way he does. That's why he always ends up writing his own. But we've discovered that publishing on Lulu means that the college can buy copies for less then it costs to photocopy the pages and the students get a professional looking book that they can keep after the course ends. If you give them handouts, they just lose them! Also, having the book on Lulu and available via Amazon means that we do get the occasional sale to other people, which always gives us a little thrill. :)

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