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Yes, we have lots of kultcher

The centre where I teach in Ruthin is a hive of activity this evening. I'd been forewarned that there would be a concert on, but it turns out to be much more highpowered that I expected.

I was happily preparing a mock test for my students (which reminds me, I still need to copy the files they need into their workspaces), when a tall dark bloke with a rich plummy voice asked if their singer could use the computer room as a changing room. Sorry, no, I said. I have an evening class in here tonight.

So then there was a kerfuffle as they tried to improvise a changing room. The obvious place, the meeting room off the main hall, is booked for a meeting. I showed them a recently vacated office down the corridor, but that was no good as it had no curtains. So they've settled on the little sitting alcove with leather armchairs, and screened it off with a screen and some curtains, which involved them bothering me for sellotape and scissors (neither of which they've returned yet).

So it's all terribly kultchered here tonight. I was tapping away working on my novel with these opera types discussing productions of La Beheme and such just across the corridor. The bloke with the plummy English voice (who also speaks fluent Welsh) turns out to be a baritone and the star turn is a soprano from the New York Met. We will therefore have music tonight in the background. It will make a change from the Scottish Country Dancing on Tuesdays at least.

[Added later: This should have been posted yesterday, but when I tried to send it, I just had a message saying the database was in Read Only mode. I have to admit I wasn't impressed by the soprano. I don't like opera at the best of times; it seems to be all shrieking and bellowing, with everyone singing at the very top of their range. It might have been the acoustics of the hall, and I was in a different room, but the piano and the man's voice were carrying OK, but hers just sounded shrieky.]

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