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Slowly, slowly the novel starts to move forwards

I haven't written yet today because most of the morning was spent working with G on the corrections to Chapter 16 of his Java programming book and then I spent a few hours in college seeing if everything works after the technicians have upgraded all the computers. But in a few minutes I will settle to 20-30 minutes of writing.

Well, it's not so much writing as re-reading the current draft from the beginning to get back into the story. I had hoped to be able to pick it up from where it left off and just write the ending, but that strategy has failed dismally, so back to the beginning I must go.

I'm also starting to get to like YWriter. I know people rave about Scrivener but I don't have a Mac and, yes, there is a Windows version now, but having always used just a word processor, I feel that it's overkill and I'm not prepared to pay $40 dollars for something that has a lot of features I will probably never use. Meanwhile, YWriter is much simpler, creates .rtf files that -- if the worst came to the worst -- could just be recombined in Word and is free, though you can give a small donation to support the programmer if you like or you can register the software for about £16, which I have just done because I like to support things that I like, otherwise they might disappear!

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