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The end of the proofreading and testing is in sight

Today will be the day I finally defeat the book proofreading and testing. I had hoped to finish it yesterday, but because G could see the end in sight, he snatched the bit between his teeth and galloped straight for the finish post. As a result, the chapter wasn't as polished as previous ones and I got stuck a few times where the program came up with errors and I had to work out what was wrong. However, I started the day with only 10 more pages to go.

Then we went through it together, making all the corrections to the Word document, but there were so many changes to the code that I had to test the program yet again as quickly as I could to make sure that it all still works if you follow the instructions.

I have just a few pages left to do and then I'll stop and make dinner. We should then be able to get the final thing assembled and uploaded to Lulu tomorrow. Whew! This has been an epic task, but it will be so worthwhile and it will be finished just in time. G has 16 students for the A-level course this year so the book will be a godsend.

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