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I have a tired green brain

Found via oursin (with whom it seems I must have some things in common because we keep getting the same results on these quizzes). I would say this is pretty accurate:

What Color is Your Brain?

brought to you by Quizilla

And the reason my brain is tired is because I've been working through the materials and exercises for the poetry course I'm taking. It was so hard at first but, pushing on, it seemed to get easier.

I am more and more convinced that I am not a poet, but having said that, I can see the fun in it and if I survive to the end of the course, I may well try to write a bit of poetry every now and then, purely for the exercise and amusement, you understand, rather in the same way some people do crossword puzzles. I wouldn't think of inflicting it on anyone.

So now one corner of my head feels not unlike a muscle does when you take up a new sport and start using parts of the body hitherto not exercised.

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