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In which I visit a big(ish) place, relatively speaking

Yesterday I had a trip to Aberystwyth to do a few things that I can't do in the very small place where I live. I banked my Dad's council tax refund that had finally come through (the bank my Dad used doesn't have a branch in my town), I got a replacement watch strap fitted, and I picked up the train tickets for our Christmas expedition to London. It seems they no longer post them and I always get twitchy picking them up on the day because you can get stuck behind someone doing something Terribly Complicated and taking ages at the ticket office window.

It was a gorgeous day, unseasonal for October, and after doing my errands, I had a walk along the promenade and even indulged in an ice cream. Yes, it was that warm!


I didn't find boots or shoes though. None of the shops did wide fittings. I'm either going to have to try online or have a visit to Llandudno next week where they have more and larger shops, including a Hotter store.

Then after a really enjoyable and productive day, there was just one glitch on the way home. I'd been keeping an eye on the fuel gauge and decided that though there was probably enough diesel to get home, that would mean bringing the Daihatsu in empty so I'd have to get more before I could go anywhere else. There's a handy garage just on the way out of Machynlleth, so I pulled in there. And discovered that I couldn't get the petrol cap off!

After a minute or so of futile struggling, I decided to risk carrying on without filling up. If it had been a proper garage, I'd have asked for help, but it's actually a mini-supermarket with petrol pumps and it was as likely as not a woman on the till who would be no better than me at stuck cap removel, and they wouldn't exactly have suitable tools to hand. Anyway, it was fine and I got home with a bit of diesel to spare.

The Daihatsu was going back into the garage this morning anyway for the last bit of work resulting from the service and MOT, so I pointed out the stuck cap to the mechanic. He gave me that look, you know the one, the, "You're just a small and feeble woman. I'm sure I'll be able to shift this easily," look, and he tried to take the cap off. Then he frowned and put a bit more effort into it, but it still didn't budge. So at least I didn't feel like too much of an idiot and it's now been loosened and the youngest mechanic (who over-tightened it when he removed it as part of the MOT testing/servicing) has probably now been told not to be so enthusiastic when replacing petrol caps. :)

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