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I painted a thing

I had a productive day today. In fact I managed a major achievement. I painted the garage door!

It was originally red, but had faded badly so had been pink for quite a while. It's now a proper red again. My arms feel a bit limp because I had to work fast, but I got it done and the rain that is forecast is not supposed to arrive until 11 pm, so the paint should be dry enough by then to survive a wetting.

And in other news...

For some years I have used a pre-prepared shopping list, saved as a Word document. I print out a copy and blue-tack it inside the big kitchen cupboard. Every time I notice I'm about to run out of something, I put a tick by it on the list and when I'm ready to do a shop, I just peel off the list and away I go.

I have just added the message, "Don't impulse-buy parsnips!" to the top of the page.

It may not be parsnips, it may be leeks or other veg or salad, but despite working out a menu for the week in advance, I walk past the veg display and think, "Ought to eat more veggies and those look nice," before adding them to my basket without thinking how exactly I'll use them, and then a week later they end up all sad in the fridge and sometimes half of them get thrown away. The thing is, G doesn't like parsnips, or quite a few other vegetables, so I have to eat them all myself and I always overestimate how much I can consume or how much cooking from scratch I will have the energy and enthusiasm for. So I'm hoping that now I have the reminder on the list, the next time I find myself reaching for a pack of parsnips, I'll quietly put them back again.

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