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A bit early for Halloween, but I finished my costume!

Over on the productivity-as-RPG site Habitica, there is a challenge to dress like one's avatar for Halloween. You've already seen the hat, but I needed to crochet a knob for the end of my mage's staff in order to complete the outfit.

I've used a bit of photoshoppery to add in the wolf. The only toy wolf I possess is about 4 inches tall! Then I've used rather more photoshoppery to place us in a misty forest.

Habitican mage in misty woods

Habitica mage avatar

Here is the Habitican avatar for comparison. The avatars can be changed in appearance and sometimes I make mine more fantastical, but I deliberately chose something that was doable for the challenge. Having said that, the stripy hat is one of my favourites and my avatar often wears it. :)

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