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Writing progress

Progress resumes after the feeble showing of 9 words yesterday. I really must be more strong-minded, but it's difficult to walk out of the office when your Head of Curriculum Area and Head of Department are still beavering away at their desks. Thus I didn't leave the main college until 5.30pm and hence, by the time I'd copied handouts and travelled to the little community centre, it was 6.00pm, leaving me only half an hour to write and eat a snack.

Words today: 846
Words in Chapter 11: 3758
Words total: 52,945
Reason for stopping: End of scene and and (unexpectedly), end of chapter.
Other: This was the severed hand/glove in the attic scene (taken almost verbatim from life) -- apart from the little twist that developed at the end, which I hadn't foreseen until I came to actually write it. Next scene is Ceri and the women from the village frolicking naked on the mountain at midnight. Which means I now know what Goorgi was doing out on the mountain that night, so the little snippet from later (which I wrote because it demanded to be written) has found its home and can be attached in due course.

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