Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

A grey November day

46/52 for the group 2015 Weekly Alphabet Challenge

This week's theme was: S is for Silhouette

The weather has been pretty awful this week with floods on Monday and lots of heavy rain since. However, I took a chance during a fine interval on Friday to walk up to see some friends and snapped this shot with my phone on the way.

A grey November day

And today, as I processed this picture and posted it to Flickr, it's raining hard again. The sky is getting darker as the day progresses (currently 9:30 am, but still a gloomy twilight outside) and the flood is rising again on the swamp beyond the bottom of our garden.* I have therefore declared today a day for huddling indoors and catching up with Stuff. Besides, I have been out more than usual this week.

I'd done my usual two days of part-time teaching on Monday and Wednesday and then after visiting my elderly friends on Friday morning, in the evening I took part in the Merched y Wawr quiz (in Welsh). I not only survived without making an idiot of myself, I even managed to provide the answers to two questions (out of about 100!). And our team didn't come last. There were supposed to be two teams from our branch, but in the end we could only field one team of three because people who had said they were coming never appeared. The quiz didn't involve answering questions individually (or I'd never have agreed to take part!). Instead it was more like an exam, except that it was done as a team and you could discus the questions and come up with a joint answer. Overall it was enjoyable, stretched my Welsh to the limit but I'll happily have another go next year now I have a better idea of what is involved.

And then yesterday (Saturday), it was a Sadwrn Siarad (Lit. Speaking Saturday), which is basically a one day Welsh course which provides classes at all levels for a whole day for the princely sum of £10. It's always well worth it and it gives you the chance to meet learners from other classes.

Compared to the quiz, it was quite relaxing, but I knew that I was tired when by 3:00 pm I realised, as we were translating a bit of dialogue, that I knew exactly what a "ffreutur" was; I could have described it in either English or Welsh and explained what you did there, but for the life of me I couldn't remember the English word "canteen". :)

So, as I said, definitely a vegging out day today to let my brain rest before another week starts tomorrow...

* Please don't worry, due to the length and steepness of our back garden, there is absolutely no danger of the water reaching the house.

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